What Kind Of Grants And Scholarships Are Available For Single Mother?

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Since you are a single mother, you will qualify as an independent student on the FAFSA form based on your income and savings. Depending on a formula, you could qualify for the Pell Grant, need based college scholarships, work study program, and student loans. You could also search for outside college scholarships via a free membership college scholarship search website.



The Pell Grant (if you are low-income). File a fafsa application. There is a scholarship for single mothers over the age of 35… but I have yet to find one simply for being a single mom otherwise (and I’ve been searching for 3 years). You can apply for any scholarship that you qualify for… but most are aimed at high school seniors getting ready to enter college… just a heads up. Good luck! There is a new tax credit that helps reimburse individuals for out-of-pocket school expenses.


What country do you live in?
Scholarships and grants vary worldwide. Please tell me your country, and if possible, I’ll get back to you.

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