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AMWA Medical Education Scholarships

AWHS offers grants geared towards engaging members of AMWA in service and advocacy projects within their community.  These grants are focused on community engagement and include medically-related (1) Community-Based Research, (2) Sustainable Community Service Projects, (3) Community Advocacy/Education.
The primary goals of the Community Project Grants are to:
    Engage AMWA students, resident, and physicians in partnering with under-served communities
    Increase community outreach and resources
    Improve access to or quality of care for at-risk populations
    Maintain community self-reliance by focusing on sustainability
    Promote awareness of issues with medical care access, resources, disparity
    Plan for long-term solutions by empowering residents to explore innovative ideas in addressing these issues

  • Amount: $500.00
  • Awards: 0
  • Deadline: Nov 30, -1

Projects grants will be in the form of grants not to exceed 500$, and will be awarded based on criteria including sustainability, benefit to community, engagement of community members, and educational value.  Applications are open to all full student, resident, and physician AMWA members.

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