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The Alhambra Scholarship award

The Alhambra Scholarship award is to assist teachers and those in Junior or Senior study programs preparing to teach who are enrolled in college and who agree to undertake special education studies to qualify for teaching mentally and physically disabled personal to help assure their attaining a useful life in society. Scholarship awards are made on the basis that the applicant is dedicated to this special field of education.

Students may receive only two (2)scholarships in their life time.

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  • Deadline: Nov 30, -1

Master Degree students who are specializing in teaching special education and who have accrued 50% of required graduation credits will be eligible.University Junior or senior students,who are enrolled in qualifying programs and are undertaking teaching special education, will be eligible.Community college student who have accrued 50% of required graduation credits and are undertaking special education studies will be eligible.

Opened to all residents of the US and Canada.

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